Monday, 20 April 2009

News on the Internet, no.1

I hope to publish regular lists of news items relevant to Conductive Education published on the internet. This is the first such list. Comments and suggestions for future listings will be very welcome.

Cerebral palsy
A number of articles appeared in the UK press after the death of Ivan, son of David Cameron, leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition
Phil Neville, captain of Everton football team talks about life with his daughter who has cerebral palsy.
Study to examine brain damage in newborns announced in Quatar
Story and video entitled After cerebral palsy diagnosis from KFYR TV

Conductive Education
Fundraising for Rainbow House in Cheshire, UK
Individual running a marathon in aid of brain injured children calls for sponsorship to cove costs of CE sessions.
Conductive Education at Heel and Toe Centre in the North of England
More about the Heel and Toe Centre
Auction of celebrity photos for Rainbow Centre in Hampshire, UK

Places lost at Kindergarten offering CE In Australia due to lack of funding
Cash boost helps memorial garden project at STEPS CE Centre, Leicestershire UK.
Tesco supermarket gives cash to help adult CE outreach project in Northeast England
Paper on CE to be read at Early Intervention conference in New Zealand
Future of Buddy Bear School is still uncertain.
Edinburgh council denies funds for child to go to Craighalbert Centre outside Glasgow

Disability Issues,25197,25262629-5012694,00.html
The difficulties and stresses of caring for a disabled offspring once they reach adulthood is reported here.

Parkinson’s disease
Former high flier tells of his battle with Parkinson’s disease
Side effects of Parkinson’s drugs include gambling and compulsive sexual behaviour
New website for young on-set Parkinson’s disease goes live
Transcript of radio broadcast on Parkinson’s disease

Multiple sclerosis
JK Rowling resigns as patron of MS Society in Scotland
People with MS five times more likely to have Restless Leg Syndrome

Older stroke victims suffer from ageism in English health service (NHS)
Stroke victim’s daughter urges families to create fact file on their relatives to help hospital staff treat them.
Former Scotland footballer tells how he suffered a stroke at 38

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